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2024 Craft Week Program: Celebrating Urban Creativity and Beauty

2024 Craft Week Program: Celebrating Urban Creativity and Beauty
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2024 Craft Week Program: Where Urban Creativity Meets Beauty

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, in collaboration with the Korea Craft and Design Culture Promotion Institute, has announced the recruitment of participating local governments and craft-related organizations for the “2024 Craft Week” program. This program aims to promote and introduce the unique craft culture of each region.

Recruitment of Participating Local Governments and Craft-related Organizations

The recruitment process for the “2024 Craft Week” program will start on the 27th of this month and continue until January 4th of next year. The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism is seeking various local governments and organizations interested in promoting and showcasing their region’s craft culture.

The goal is to select diverse local governments and organizations that have an interest in promoting and introducing their region’s unique craft culture. These selected partners will establish partnerships with the government to promote and showcase their local craft culture.

Contest for Designating Craft Culture Hub Cities

The Korea Craft and Design Culture Promotion Institute has launched the “2024 Craft Week Craft Culture Hub City Contest” to discover and promote cities that are centers of craft culture. The selected cities will have the opportunity to host the Craft Week event in May 2024 and operate craft-related programs throughout the year.

The selection of the five cities will be based on their comprehensive planning and operational capabilities. Once selected, these cities will receive a maximum budget of 100 million won from the government to support the successful hosting of the Craft Week event and the promotion of craft culture in their respective regions.

Long-term Support for Craft Culture Hub Cities

In addition to financial support for the Craft Week event, the Craft and Design Culture Promotion Institute plans to designate excellent regions as “Craft Culture Hub Cities” and provide long-term support. These designated regions will receive government support for up to three years to continue operating the Craft Week event and further activate craft culture.

Contest for Companies and Organizations

As part of the Craft Week program, a contest will be held to encourage the participation of companies, institutions, and organizations in organizing craft-related exhibitions, markets, and educational events. All organizations, regardless of their location, can participate in the contest.

Contest participants can receive government support of up to 30 million won for the operation of craft-related events during the Craft Week period.

Director’s Expectations for a Diverse and Reflective Craft Week

Jang Dong-gwang, the Director of the Korea Craft and Design Culture Promotion Institute, expressed his expectations for the upcoming Craft Week event. He highlighted the success of the 2023 Craft Week event, which saw the participation of 881 locations and over 2.56 million people both online and offline.

Director Jang emphasized the importance of the newly introduced “Craft Culture Hub City Contest” in creating vibrant and diverse Craft Week events that reflect the unique characteristics of each region. He expressed his wishes for the continuous growth and success of the Craft Week program.

Online Briefing Session for Contest Details

The Craft and Design Culture Promotion Institute will hold an online briefing session in the third week of this month. The briefing session aims to provide detailed information about various contests and address the questions and concerns of prospective participants.

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